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Creative ways to protect your Stuff

It’s not unreasonable for staff holding an item that’s been handed in to a shop or lost property desk to ask for proof of some sort from whoever comes in to claim it.  Sometimes just a description of the item

When you’re off on holiday or business, taking this easy precaution could save your trip if your luggage goes missing. This takes about a minute and one sheet of printer paper. Log into your WhosMyOwner account and head over to Downloads

The outgoing message is an understated – yet extremely valuable – feature found in your Settings page after you log in to WhosMyOwner.  Here’s how to use it to maximise your chances of a good outcome if you lose something valuable. This

If the worst happens and you lose your mobile, you could find yourself without access to email or messaging until you recover or replace it. Fortunately, even while you’re disconnected, WhosMyOwner can still come to your rescue. If you have

We’ve been a bit busy recently, building and testing our new WhosMyOwner –  Amazon Alexa integration. Now it’s all up and running, it’s time to celebrate!   We did say when you subscribed that there might be occasional subscriber-only goodies down

Got an Amazon Echo or Dot? If you’re a WhosMyOwner subscriber you can now ask Alexa to check for updates on anything you might have lost: “Alexa, ask WhosMyOwner if anyone has found my lost keys.” “Alexa, ask WhosMyOwner if there are

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Like it or not, many of the bags that appear on conveyor belts in airport baggage halls look eactly like yours! So if you’re travelling this summer, take the time to clearly label your bags inside and out to make