A New Feature to Quickly Recover Lost Luggage

A New Feature to Quickly Recover Lost Luggage

When you’re off on holiday or business, taking this easy precaution could save your trip if your luggage goes missing.

This takes about a minute and one sheet of printer paper.

Log into your WhosMyOwner account and head over to Downloads > Luggage Insert.

You’ll see an image similar to the one shown here. Select it to download as a PDF (already personalised with your WhosMyOwner reference) then print and insert one in each piece of checked luggage.  There’s space to add details such as your destination hotel if you like.

If your bag is mis-handled in transit and loses its tags, it will eventually be opened.  Any baggage service agent anywhere in the world who finds your note now has an easy way to contact you.

Importantly, if your bag was stolen rather than lost, this method doesn’t identify your empty home or reveal any personal information that could be used by criminals.

Like all the other useful items on our Downloads section, these are free to all subscribers, so why not stash one in each carry-on bag and a coat pocket too?

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!