How to Use Your Outgoing Message

How to Use Your Outgoing Message

The outgoing message is an understated – yet extremely valuable – feature found in your Settings page after you log in to WhosMyOwner.  Here’s how to use it to maximise your chances of a good outcome if you lose something valuable.

This feature plays a similar role to the outgoing message in a telephone answering system. The difference is that instead of the caller hearing your voice, the finder coming to our website to contact you sees your pre-written greeting.  It’s your first chance to communicate.

You could leave the OGM field blank – the finder just won’t see a greeting – but that’s missing an opportunity to politely thank a stranger and help them to return your item. Here are some proven ways to get the most from this great feature.

You could leave a generic message like this:

Thanks for finding something I’ve lost.  Please leave me a message.  If you include a phone number I’ll call you back.

If you don’t want to speak to or meet the finder, why not let them know up front:

Thanks for your help returning something I’ve lost.  Please hand it in at the nearest police station, and let me know where to collect it.

If you lose something of particular value, log in as soon as you’re sure it’s missing and edit your OGM to give specific instructions, or perhaps offer a reward:

If you’re reading this, many thanks for finding my keys.  I’ve left a small reward at Preston Police Station for their safe return. Or  just hand them in somewhere else that’s safe if that’s easier.  You can leave me a message here with the details! 

If you’ve lost your mobile, it’s harder to get instant notifications but that doesn’t mean you’re unreachable!  Let the finder know to leave you a message anyway and that you’ll be checking regularly:

Thank you so much for finding my phone.  Please leave me a message here.  It’ll go to the lost phone but I’ll also be checking messages on the website.  Leave a number and I’ll get back to you as soon as I get your message.

If you’ve lost your mobile and have a friend receiving backup notifications, or perhaps want someone else to collect the lost item for you, mention that in the OGM:

Thank you so much for finding my iPhone.  If you leave me a message it’ll be forwarded to my friend John Smith, who will contact you to arrange collection (so please leave your number).

Finally, if time is of the essence and you have no alternative, you can leave actual contact details in the OGM for the finder to call:

Thank you for finding my briefcase.  I’d be really grateful for its safe return.  Please call  01234 567890  and ask for Alex.

Getting lost valuables back is all about good communication – that’s what WhosMyOwner is here for.  Set up a useful outgoing message both now and when you’ve lost something, and you’ll likely reap the rewards.

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!