About WhosMyOwner

WhosMyOwner is the easiest way to protect anything you’d hate to lose.

Our tags and labels are now protecting thousands of frequently lost – and expensive to replace – personal items such as keys, bags, purses and smartphones.  

The moment something of yours is found, you’ll be notified and well on your way to recover it.  Crucially, the finder cannot identify you from your labels, only leave you a message.  So your identity and other property are safe, making WhosMyOwner ideal for keys.

We provide you with tags and stickers when you subscribe, plus unlimited print-at-home labels.   For a small fixed annual subscription you can protect your entire family’s keys, phone, gadgets, expensive sports or school gear, glasses, pets, wallets, purses, work documents… anything!

WhosMyOwner is quick: members often receive a text or email before they knew they’d left something behind!

WhosMyOwner is a proven solution with staggering success rates!  We perform regular UK-wide live testing, where we lose keys and other objects in public places.  In a recent test, one hundred sets of keys our testers ‘lost’ by our team (and some enthusiastic members) in hotels, museums, trains, stations, tourist attractions, cinemas, venues, garages and shops all over the UK.  Ninety three  were reported found and recovered.   81 of these were reported before midnight on the day they were lost!

Why does WhosMyOwner work?  Because most people who find lost valuables want to do the right thing. They’ll hand it in or try to return it… as long as doing so is as easy as possible!

WhosMyOwner makes returning items very easy: the finder can arrange to meet you in person, post your item to you, or simply drop it off at a police station or nearby reception or lost property desk and let you know where to collect it.

To get started,

  1. Subscribe to WhosMyOwner, then set up your notifications, and start tagging your valuables right away with the labels we send you.
  2. You can order additional key and luggage tags or stickers from us, use our print-at-home labels (formatted for popular Avery label paper), or even create your own tags using your reference code.
  3. Download your personalised smartphone security wallpaper to protect your smartphone or tablet.

If you lose a tagged item,

  • The finder (or lost property agent) sees your tag and leaves you a message on WhosMyOwner.com.
  • You receive your message instantly by email and / or SMS.
  • You can even ask your Amazon Alexa device for updates.
  • Recover your property directly from the finder or lost property desk.

WhosMyOwner is secure:  your tag contains no personal details.

WhosMyOwner is permanent: no need to replace all your labels and tags if you move home, change job, or get a new email address or phone number. Just keep your profile up to date and you’ll receive your notifications.

Attach a WhosMyOwner tag to your luggage to keep your identity away from prying eyes, while helping airlines contact you if a bag goes missing.

Use your WhosMyOwner tag on as many items as you like: gadgets, keys, clothing, purse, mobile phone, sunglasses, even your dog!

We keep your costs low by charging just a fixed annual membership fee, and providing digital labels for you to download, instead of insisting you use expensive branded labels.   We even give you a personalised QR code and a Security Wallpaper image for your smart phone’s lock screen.  This helps a finder identify and return your phone as soon as they switch it on!

Getting your own property back eliminates the need for police reports and insurance claims.  Life can be back to normal in minutes, not months.

So why wait?   Sign up now!