Is this Yours? Here’s an easy way to prove it is!

Is this Yours?  Here’s an easy way to prove it is!

It’s not unreasonable for staff holding an item that’s been handed in to a shop or lost property desk to ask for proof of some sort from whoever comes in to claim it.

 Sometimes just a description of the item will do, sometimes not.

I thought I had dropped my wallet somewhere in the supermarket this morning.  As I patted myself down at the checkout looking for it, I was wondering: if I did lose my wallet and it was handed in here, how would I prove it was mine when everything with my name on it is inside?

Then it dawned on me.   I still had my phone, so I could just ask the shop to send a notification using the details on the WhosMyOwner sticker in the wallet.   In a few seconds I’d have both an email and a text message to convince them that the phone and wallet belong to the same person.

This works in reverse too – if my phone was handed in I could show my wallet, which has the same WhosMyOwner reference, so a notification would be sent to my phone.

Had I actually lost my wallet?  No – luckily it was just buried deep in a coat pocket.

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!