What should my labels say?

Creating your own labels?

Great!  That’s what’s unique about WhosMyOwner and why it can be used to protect virtually anything.

The only two necessary bits of information you must include for Finder Reports to work are illustrated here:

Without those two pieces of information, the finder cannot notify you about your item.

1. Our web address.

Our official web URL is https://whosmyowner.com

You can freely capitalise our domain name, and leave off the HTTP without confusing anyone.

For instance, WhosMyOwner.com, WHOSMYOWNER.COM and https://whosmyowner.com are all fine.

2. Your WhosMyOwner tag.

You tag is a unique series of six uppercase letters and digits, for instance LNBQ96

So for instance, you could print or write the following:

If you find this, please visit WhosMyOwner.com and enter code LNBQ96

You can also combine our web address with your tag like this:

To contact owner, please visit http://WhosMyOwner.com/AD3MO

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!