How much is your daily stuff worth?

When you go out to work, school or the gym tomorrow, how much is all that stuff you’re carrying worth?

If I suggested it’s typically more than £500, would that surprise you?

What does losing £500, with no chance of getting it back, even feel like?

But it’s not £500. It’s often much more than that.

Here’s my unscientific but I think pretty conservative breakdown. Your mileage may vary, but I don’t think it’s far off the mark.

Wallet / purse & contents – £60

House keys – £30

Car remote key – £80

Spectacles – £150

Sunglasses – £60

Smartphone – £400

And the grand total is………… £780

If you’re tuning in from the USA, that’s USD $1256 at today’s exchange rate of 1.61.

Oh, I’ve deliberately assumed that you’ve left your other portable devices at home, namely your £500 ($805) tablet and your £100 ($161) Kindle. Not to mention any chargers, cosmetics, etc. in that bulging bag or backpack.

Include those too, and soon you’re talking REAL money!

I’ve also stuck to estimating the financial loss, not data loss, and not the personal impact on your life.

Yes, I seem to be making a pretty good case for getting yourself some great insurance. But you’ll pay a small fortune to insure all this gear. Insuring a recent-model iPhone or Android phone in the UK costs around £6 per month. £72 ($116) per year. For just ONE device!

At our mission is to convincing you that insurance payouts aren’t the best outcome, and they’re no longer the only option for protecting your stuff.

Why not register and take a free trial now, and see out for yourself how much peace of mind the price of a pizza can buy.

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!