Caution: Honest People lurking everywhere!

I’ve read about quite a few ‘lost wallet’ social experiments recently.

Today’s article in The Independent is about one conducted by Reader’s Digest. 192 ‘lost’ wallets, 16 cites. (Link below.)

These experiments all draw their own conclusions, which are wildly inconsistent, often because they span cultures and their data gathering seems quite informal.

The one conclusion that IS consistent is that there are PLENTY of honest and honest people, all around the world. *

Good citizens are literally everywhere. They just don’t make the headlines as often as the other type.  If you’re reading this on the train, look around – there are almost certainly honest people right beside you, and you didn’t even notice.

Our own conclusion?

If you give people an easy way to contact you, there’s a great chance you’ll get your stuff back.

If you don’t help them, you almost certainly won’t.

It’s your choice!

From The Independent, this morning:

*yes, Lisbon too, they were probably just having a bad day.

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!