Are there similar products out there?


Several banks and insurers offer a ‘lost key return service’ – usually paid – to their banking or credit card customers, or via insurance policies.  This might cover both keys and bank cards.  It probably won’t cover your child’s favourite toy!

Other companies provide luxury coded labels, luggage tags, key-rings, and other physical products, and rely on profits from these to top up membership fees.

They all do SOME of what WhosMyOwner does, but nearly all rely on a ‘middle man’  to operate 24-hour phone lines, or recover, package and post your items back to you. Or they depend on retail mark-up on tagging products we believe you don’t actually need.

Any ‘middle man’ service requires significant staff and overheads to operate, requiring higher prices to cover their costs.  It also introduces what we consider to be unnecessary delays in getting your stuff back.  All you really need is someone to tell you where to collect your stuff!


We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!