Does the Finder get a reward?

It’s entirely up to the owner to offer a reward, either up-front on their labels or after a Finder has been especially helpful in recovering their item.

Police lost property offices in the UK will generally issue you with a receipt when you hand in something you’ve found.  If it contains cash, you are often entitled to a reward if the item is claimed by the owner, and to the full amount if it’s unclaimed for several months.

So if you’ve found something containing cash and would like to increase your chances of getting a reward, you could take note of the tag (or point it out to the police) and notify the owner where it is.  When they collect it, the police will collect the reward for you and let you know to collect it.

If it’s not cash, you could still hand in the item and notify the sender.  If they don’t claim it, you get the item after a few months, and if you don’t want to keep it, there’s always a well-known online auction site!

We often invite Finders to try the system for themselves, and often reward confirmed finds with a free trial period.  In fact, Finders are one of our best sources of new members.  Once people see how useful WhosMyOwner is as an owner, it’s not a big leap to signing up.

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!