Is just a type of insurance?

No, WhosMyOwner aims to avoid claiming on your insurance, assuming your loss is even covered!

The majority of items handed in to Lost Property offices around the world are never claimed, so they’re never returned to their owners.

Insurance can’t help with this; it can only contribute towards the cost of replacing what you’ve lost.

Most of us are unsure what’s covered by our Gadget, Home or Travel insurance policies, what exclusions or excess (deductible) payments apply, and how claiming might affect the policy or its future premiums.  So we often choose to abandon our lost items rather than face the inconvenience of police reports and claims processes, unless we’ve lost something of particular financial value.

WhosMyOwner doesn’t distinguish between high and low value items; you can tag anything from your smartphone to your child’s favourite toy.

It doesn’t have any exclusions or variable premiums, and it doesn’t require ANY effort or paperwork on your part after you’ve sign-up and tagged your valuables.

Remember, WhosMyOwner often works its magic within minutes or hours, not weeks or months.  In many cases you’ll get a text notification that something of yours has been found, even before you realised you’d lost it.

The best outcome after losing something is getting it back quickly and safely, not having to replace it.

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!