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Creative ways to protect your Stuff

WhosMyOwner isn’t just for labeling your keys and luggage. What makes it unique is that members use it to protect just about anything big enough to stick a label on. In fact, since we started including labels with new subscriptions,

Do you use a digital camera as well as your phone? Here’s how to protect your camera, so that if it ever gets lost, you’ll probably get it back. 1. Make a sign or a simple PowerPoint slide (see photo) with some basic contact

There are over 250 music festivals in the UK this summer, and hundreds more summer festivals if you include food, cultural themes and look outside the UK as well.   Whether you’re planning a trip to just one, or a whole summer of

I’ve mentioned the cost of replacing car keys here before, but on a recent trip we rented a small Renault car which came with a strong warning on the key fob (see picture), in addition to the usual one about not putting unleaded

If you’re letting out your holiday property, you’ve already accepted the risk of allowing guests to use your home.  But what if a guest loses one of your keys?   If they are responsible people (and let’s hope most are) they’ll tell you about it, and maybe even organize a replacement

According to London Gatwick Airport,  about 85 per cent of “high-value” items, like laptops, mobiles and cameras, are returned to their owners, as well as 30 to 40 per cent of lower value items, such as books. But that still

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Thanks for all the positive feedback about our new Contact Driver security discs. It seems they’re far more welcome on UK windscreens than any tax disc ever was, and making them both SECURE and 100% FREE to our subscribers is universally appreciated. Click the image

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