A Safer Tax Disc Replacement

A Safer Tax Disc Replacement

Thanks for all the positive feedback about our new Contact Driver security discs.driver-info-disc-blue-check

It seems they’re far more welcome on UK windscreens than any tax disc ever was, and making them both SECURE and 100% FREE to our subscribers is universally appreciated.

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If you missed our original article, these discs are designed to fit any UK road tax disc holder, 35 million of which are now redundant and destined for landfill.

We’ve seen plenty of other suggestions for what to put in these holders, ranging from emergency snacks to contact details and your medical profile.

Some of these are undoubtedly useful and could become popular (OK, maybe not the snacks!).   However, after discussions with police and roadside recovery firms, I firmly believe that people need to think very carefully about the possible consequences of leaving private, personally-identifying details in the car.

You wouldn’t leave your smartphone or purse on show in a parked car.  Your personal information is ten times more valuable and a hundred times harder to replace!

The personal security and identity theft risks just might outweigh any benefits.

Our disc avoids these safety risks entirely by displaying only a reference that’s disposable and can’t be used to identify you, only to send you a message.  When someone uses your reference to send a message, we forward it to you (or your emergency contact) by email and/or text message.  You can even leave an outgoing announcement on our system, just like an answering phone.  Crucially, you are never identified.

If you needed more choice than the original banana yellow theme, our Contact Driver disc is now available in several new eye-catching designs.










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