Protect your Holiday Property

Protect your Holiday Property

If you’re letting out your holiday property, you’ve already accepted the risk of allowing guests to use your home.  But what if a guest loses one of your keys?  

If they are responsible people (and let’s hope most are) they’ll tell you about it, and maybe even organize a replacement key before they depart.

That solves your immediate problem (not enough keys to give your next guest), but it still leaves you with a security problem:  your original key is still out there somewhere, and your holiday home – and its contents – are at risk.

Changing the locks is the safest solution, but it’s an expensive option, and may not be easy to organize remotely or at short notice.  It may also prove unnecessary; missing keys have a habit of showing up after the guest arrives home, empties their car and sorts through their laundry!

That’s where our security tags come to your rescue.

Attach a WhosMyOwner key tag to each key.  Should a key is genuinely lost, there’s a great chance it’ll be found and reported very quickly, in which case you can recover it (or ask your client pick it up).

Our research shows that most people who find a tagged key will either notify you themselves using WhosMyOwner, or hand it in somewhere, and they’ll notify you.  Either way, you’ll usually be able to recover your key the same day.   Importantly, there’s nothing on our tags to identify you or your property.  This prevents an opportunist thief from finding your keys, locating the property, and waiting till till it’s unoccupied, as holiday homes often are.

If you don’t already have tags, or need more for your holiday property, you can order some here.



We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!