Never Lose Your Camera

Never Lose Your Camera

Do you use a digital camera as well as your phone?

Here’s how to protect your camera, so that if it ever gets lost, you’ll probably get it back.


1. Make a sign or a simple PowerPoint slide (see photo) with some basic contact information on it.  If it’s easier, just write your sign clearly on white paper with a thick black marker.  Don’t include too much detail – you don’t really want strangers to know where you live!  The info on your WhosMyOwner tag is just about perfect.

2. Take a photo, or a series of photos, of your sign, and keep it permanently on your camera’s memory card.

Now if you ever lose you camera, whoever finds it will come across your sign and can easily contact you to return it.  People finding cameras almost always browse any photos on the memory card right away looking for a clue to the owner.

Remember to re-take your contact photo if you clear or replace your memory stick.   If you take thousands of photos it’s a good idea to re-take your contact photo occasionally, so that someone browsing your photos will find it quickly.

For smartphones, you can save the photo of your sign as your lock-screen image.  Better still, log in to WhosMyOwner and download your custom lock-screen image – it has all the details you need!



We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!