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Some frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have worked with a few great UK suppliers of custom fabric labels, including both the stitch-on type shown here, and iron-on.   Send us your request using the Contact form and we’ll send you some details. We have also

Yes, and here’s why: Making sure you’re contactable without revealing any personal details the whole point of WhosMyOwner. When you register, we only request the basic information needed for WhosMyOwner to work. If you order physical items from us, we use your postal

Creating your own labels? Great!  That’s what’s unique about WhosMyOwner and why it can be used to protect virtually anything. The only two necessary bits of information you must include for Finder Reports to work are illustrated here: Without those

WhosMyOwner users can now download free security lock-screen wallpaper to protect their mobile devices. To get your customised wallpaper, log into WhosMyOwner, choose Labels, then in the Smartphone Wallpaper section, choose the design you want.  Open and save the resulting image

Yes!  In fact as a member you already have one. Log into your account and choose the Labels tab. There you’ll see a QR code we’ve created specially for your tag. You can copy the image straight from the page

You don’t NEED WhosMyOwner OR Insurance.  Not really.   But both serve a purpose when it comes to lost property. As long as your insurance policy actually covers a particular loss, it may pay out towards the cost of replacement. But…

Sure, but then it wouldn’t be private. The more personal information you put ‘out there’ the more likely you are to receive unwanted messages. If you put any personal details on a key ring, then lose it  while travelling, whoever

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