I’ve got insurance. Why do I need WhosMyOwner?

You don’t NEED WhosMyOwner OR Insurance.  Not really.   But both serve a purpose when it comes to lost property.

As long as your insurance policy actually covers a particular loss, it may pay out towards the cost of replacement.

But… insurance is subject to all sorts of rules and loopholes, like voluntary excess payments, excluded items or extra surcharges for loss of property.  If you’ve never looked into the cost of insuring a recent iPhone for a year, it’s educational.  Then add in the surcharge most companies require to cover loss as well as damage.  And check for small print about Acts of God, own-fault incidents, lack of supporting evidence / receipts / police reports.

WhosMyOwner doesn’t help with your costs of replacement; it tries to avoid the need for replacement completely!  We simply give anyone finding your property an easy way to get it back to you.  And in most cases, they will.

WhosMyOwner is quite simply better value than insurance.  It’s quick, inexpensive and has no hidden costs, no paperwork, exclusions or delays.


We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!