WhosMyOwner goes to School

School lost property rooms are struggling to cope with unclaimed valuables; proof that people really do hand things in.

Search online for “school lost property“, and you’ll see page after page of individual schools pleading with parents to clearly label everything from clothing to sports equipment, and to come in and look through Lost Property before replacing lost items.

Not realising that items have been lost at all, or that they’ve eventually been found and could be collected, is a hidden, significant and now avoidable family expense.

Unfortunately, just putting your name on something doesn’t get it back. Even the most dedicated school staff don’t have time to track down the owner of every P.E. shirt that’s handed in. And as busy parents, you may never find out something has been lost, just that you need to buy another one.

What happens to the unclaimed items anyway? After some time has passed, the chances of an item being claimed diminish sharply, yet more lost property keeps flowing in. Schools eventually dispose of older items to make way for newer things. It’s either collected by various charities, or the local authority removes it as waste.

We’re on a mission to help schools reduce this waste, and help parents avoid having to pay for the same item of clothing or equipment twice!

Our Vision:  If every piece of clothing or equipment taken in to school had the family’s WhosMyOwner tag on it, staff could notify owners (or at least the parent) instantly, and the item quickly reclaimed.  Cost per incident?  Staff :  30 seconds or less.  Parents: nil.

Unlike name/class labels, your WhosMyOwner tags are not tied to one pupil or school – they never need replaced, even if items are handed down through the family, or pupils move from one school to another.

Let us know your thoughts from a school or parent point of view (use our contact form).


We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!