What kind of things can I protect?

Your WhosMyOwner Tag is yours for as long as you’re a WhosMyOwner member.

There are no costs other than your annual subscription, so feel free to use it on anything and everything you would hate to lose. And not just your  stuff – your whole family’s stuff too!

Our members are tagging the things they’re most likely to lose: mobile phones, spectacles, umbrellas, laptops, tablet computers, student notebooks, study textbooks, backpacks, children’s toys (often tossed from a stroller!)

You can even tag your pet: put your WhosMyOwner tag on a pet collar, and you’ll never need a “Have You Seen My Cat?” sign again.

Tag your favourite designer jacket, gloves, shoes, sports equipment.

Tag your children’s school uniforms, and anything else they take to school.  (Replacing just one blazer, tie, or other badged item during the school year will likely cost more than WhosMyOwner!)

If you have several school-age children, and use your WhosMyOwner tag on school clothing and equipment, you only have to label things once – you don’t have to update their Year / Class details on labels, or update them when items are handed down through the family.

To tag clothing, you can buy custom inexpensive iron-on or sew-on labels online, or for speed just write your WhosMyOwner tag on garment labels using a laundry marker.

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!