What happens when someone finds something of mine?

They will see your label, visit our site and enter your tag in the “contact owner” form.

They use the form to enter a message, which we send to you instantly by SMS (you’ll have registered your mobile number when you signed up).

In case it’s your phone that’s gone missing, we send you a backup copy of the message as well.

The message might be simply “Found your wallet – it’s at Newtown Police Station”.   Or it might be “You left your Kindle at Starbucks.  It was handed in – come back in with this message and reclaim it.”

It’s up to you and the finder to arrange return of your item.  We strongly recommend that if you’re meeting someone to recover your item, you do so in a busy public place.  If in doubt, just ask them to drop it off at a Police station and let you know which one.  Or send them a reply-paid padded envelope.

Any rewards offered are entirely up to you to arrange.

If the finder has left us an email address, we’ll include a link to let you send a reply.   (If nothing else it’s only good manners to say Thanks!)  We won’t show you their email address or any other contact information, unless they also entered it in the message.

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!