Never out of Touch

Tagging your property with just a WhosMyOwner tag has some of advantages over just writing your name and address on things.  If you want to write something, let’s see if we can convince you to write your tag, not your name.

Here are just a few things to think about.

  1. If you lose something important, and before it shows up you move home or change jobs, chances are any personal details you wrote on a traditional label won’t be valid any more.  This makes you MUCH less likely to recover the missing item if it ever shows up.  Sure, people don’t change addresses or jobs too often, but they change phone numbers all the time!  WhosMyOwner tags will survive any of these life changes unscathed – just keep your account up to date and all will be fine.
  2. If you lose your keys with any kind of label that could be used to identify you, it’s not hard to imagine an opportunist thief finding your address or your car, and helping themselves next time you’re out.  By showing only a reference number, WhosMyOwner stops this type of crime in its tracks.
  3. With a WhosMyOwner code instead of a name on expensive school wear such as a blazer, you never need to replace name tags when you pass items on from one child to another.  The code just stays on the item, and it’s still protected from loss no matter who is now wearing it.

The more you tag with WhosMyOwner, the more you’ll realise it’s a simple and sensible approach to labelling your stuff.

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!