Most Common Items Left Behind in Hotels

Most Common Items Left Behind in Hotels

The most common item left behind in hotel rooms is the humble mobile phone charger.

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That makes complete sense to me, and on reading that I was actually amazed I haven’t already lost mine several times over.  After all when you quickly scan the room on departure, a white plug sticking out of a wall socket isn’t the sort of thing to grab your attention, is it?

Unfortunately these babies are not cheap.  Especially the ones that come with modern smart phones and tablets.

A branded replacement charger from Apple or Samsung could easily cost you £20 or more.

If you have that £20 to spend on replacing just one charger, why not spend it on a year’s WhosMyOwner subscription – and protect your charger, your mobile phone, and everything else you travel with, against losing them.

Wondering what other items are often left behind?   The list has changed over the years, with chargers usually at the very top.  Other items range from the mundade to the downright weird.  A quick search might surprise you.

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!