What’s a Finder Report?

It’s a short message (under 140 characters) that someone finding your tagged item (the Finder) enters on our website.   We don’t reveal your contact details to the Finder.  Instead, we forward their message to you as a Finder Report.

You always receive Finder Reports by email at your registered email address.

If you enter a mobile number in your account, you’ll also receive them by SMS text message.

Text is by far the preferred way to receive a Finder Report, because it’s an instant notification that you might easily receive moments after losing something, and before you’ve realised it’s missing.

Your email report will contain a Thank Finder link, which you can follow to say Thanks to the finder if you got your item back.

It will also contain a More Detail Please link, in case the Finder Report didn’t have enough information for you to recover your item.  e.g. They said it’s at a police station, but not which one.  Or they said they found something of yours but not what it is.

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!