How to Protect your Smartphone

Take a moment to imagine how losing your smartphone would affect your day.

First of all, it’s probably full of data, so unless you’re a prolific backer-upper, you’ve probably lost some messages, photos, contacts, game progress and more.

Then there’s the question of what to do now? Spend the day retracing your steps in the hope of finding the missing gadget? File a police report and claim your insurance? Is losing your phone even covered? (In many cases its not – might be a good idea to check now!)

Here’s a cheap and easy way to seriously boost your chances of getting your mobile back if the worst should happen.

Get WhosMyOwner for less than £20 per YEAR, then – as well as labelling everything else you care about – make a cute lock screen image with your tag clearly showing.  That makes you easy to contact, but keeps all you personal details private.

People are nice anyway, but who could resist helping you get your phone back when it’s labelled, and amusing too?

We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!