Driver’s Insurance

Driver’s Insurance

No, not actual insurance, but wouldn’t it be useful to get a text message instead of a ticket if you’re a bit late back to the meter, or you’ve had to park awkwardly?

Want your own car stationery for those little parking emergencies?  It might just save you from a penalty fine, or having your car towed!

If you’re a WhosMyOwner member, it ‘s super-easy: just log into your account and download your personalised Car Stationery note-lets.   Or design your own and add your WhosMyOwner tag – yours will no doubt be prettier than ours!

Car stationery (like all our personalised downloads) is completely free to members, and comes complete with a QR code so you can be reached more easily.

There’s no better way to be reachable but keep your contact details private!

So why not print yourself out a stack, and keep in the car for the next parking emergency.

Suggested uses (I’m sure you’ll have more)…

  • You’ve ordered your annual car tax but it hasn’t arrived yet
  • You couldn’t tell whether parking was restricted here or not
  • You’re in a disabled bay without an official sticker, and you’re helping someone else into a building (we’re in no way encouraging this, but if you do it, it’s far better to explain yourself than annoy people, or get a fine!)
  • You’re parking across 2 spaces because of how other cars were parked when you arrived.
  • You think you could be a bit late back for your pre-paid parking time, and want to beg forgiveness in advance!
  • You parked at a meter that wasn’t working, and you want to show you did try to pay.
  • You’ve abandoned your car in a heavy snow drift, and you’ll be back in the spring (or tomorrow!)
  • You’re broken down, and off to find help
  • You’re out of fuel, and will be back with some a.s.a.p.
  • You had to leave before the recovery service arrived.
  • You’ve left your keys in the locked car, and gone to get spare.

Don’t forget to keep a good marker pen in the car.

If you have success with our car stationery, please tweet them to @whosmyowner. We’ll retweet the best examples.


We all lose stuff. I usually get mine back!

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