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The outgoing message is an understated – yet extremely valuable – feature found in your Settings page after you log in to WhosMyOwner.  Here’s how to use it to maximise your chances of a good outcome if you lose something valuable. This

Say the Police lost property team for the T in the Park festival in Scotland: Typically, numbers of mobile phones, wallets purses, rucksacks, holdalls, suitcases, tents and a variety of clothing find their way to the property office. Less typically,

Transport for London runs the massive London transport network, serving millions of passengers each day.  Its Lost Property Office is one of the largest in the world; it handles lost property for all of these networks: London Buses London Underground Docklands

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It’s always inconvenient to lose stuff, but losing certain items is far more than just inconvenient. If you lose your keys, wallet or luggage, and they have information attached that can identify you and where you live, there’s always a